Roach Newton is engaged frequently to bring or defend against high profile Mandamus appeals.

Selected Representations include:

  • Engaged by major garbage hauler to bring interlocutory appeal in California regarding gross negligence and punitive damages pretrial ruling.
  • Engaged by major Dallas-based manufacturer as lead appellate counsel in 5th Circuit mandamus in $700M case to obtain declaration of presumptive applicable law that subsequently resulted in reversal of that award based on that law.
  • Engaged by financial services company to bring mandamus in Texas Supreme Court over disqualification of law firm due to legal assistant having previously worked for opposing law firm. Disqualification order reversed.
  • Engaged as lead appellate counsel in court of appeals and Texas Supreme Court by beneficiaries of an oil and gas trust to successfully defend against a case-ending mandamus in a $2B dispute.
  • Engaged by national trucking company to bring mandamus against death penalty sanctions based on discovery abuse.

Engaged to defend trial court’s striking of opponent’s damages experts based on discovery abuse.