Insurance Coverage

Roach Newton is a boutique insurance coverage  trial and appellate firm that combines top level coverage analysis and top legal appellate analysis skills for identifying, developing, and presenting winning legal arguments in coverage cases at the earliest possible time for the greatest possible efficiency.

Representing only policyholders since the mid-90’s, Roach Newton has long been a “go-to” law firm for businesses with very large coverage disputes with their insurers.  What other boutique law firm can claim two Chambers-listed coverage lawyers?  And what other boutique coverage firm claim can claim to be one of the top appellate boutiques in the country?

With its unique judge-centered and law-driven focus on winning legal rulings, no firm is better equipped to identify, develop, and present the legal argument with the best chance of success in a coverage appeal.  And by bringing that focus and talents to bear at the earliest possible time, Roach Newton is uniquely positioned to save its clients real money.

As reflected in the following list of Selected Representations, Roach Newton frequently represents Fortune 500 companies in 8 and 9-figure coverage cases, often as part of a team with the Client’s national or regional trial counsel.