Engaged as lead counsel to bring coverage claims on behalf of international waste and recycling company for hurricane loss and business interruption involving multiple New Orleans operating properties, obtaining agreed settlement from multiple domestic and foreign insurers in multiple layers within one week of filing settlement.

Engaged as coverage counsel by primary construction engineer and construction company to evaluate coverage claims in $1 billion refinery explosion.

Engaged as coverage counsel by freight forwarder / warehousing bailee regarding fire loss, and reimbursement by London mutual club insurer.

Engaged mid-trial as coverage and appellate counsel by trial lawyers regarding tropical storm damage to apartment complex.

Engaged as coverage counsel to assist trial lawyers for senior living center damaged by fire during construction, in litigation against property insurer for damages and bad faith.

Engaged by multi-state childcare center company regarding windstorm and flood policies for property damage and business interruption arising from Hurricane Harvey.

Engaged as coverage counsel by golf club directors regarding coverage for golf course grounds damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Engaged as coverage counsel by national home builder to assist defense counsel in obtaining insurer’s settlement of construction liability claims asserting gross negligence and punitive damages.