About Us

Roach Newton: Legal Strategists

Roach Newton is a small but nationally-known boutique law firm that focuses on civil appeals, insurance coverage litigation from the policyholder perspective, and complex commercial litigation.  We are a select group of attorneys serving a range of clients including Fortune 500 corporations, corporate policyholders, and a variety of participants in the oil and gas industry.

The combination of our size, expertise, and collaborative environment give us a uniquely nimble ability to develop efficient, effective, and economic legal strategies to resolve our clients’ legal disputes.  Because of our rate structure, our six attorneys can work together across our cases to give our clients access to the benefits of creative, highly-refined solutions without the expense often associated with such collaboration.  Our law-based legal strategies are designed to map out lean paths to narrow and ultimately resolve disputes as efficiently as possible.

Our legal strategies stem from a audience-centered approach to legal problem-solving and advocacy.  We advocate our clients’ interests by educating and helping the decision makers, whether they are juries, judges, appellate court panels, arbitrators, or opposing parties and counsel.  Our dedication to this approach is evidence by our frequent participation in continuing legal education seminars, courses at both the University of Texas and University of Houston law schools, and our active involvement in professional associations.  We strive to know our decision makers and tailor our advocacy to their perspectives and their ultimate tasks.

Our team of attorneys includes some of the most respected experts in the field of civil appellate practice, insurance coverage analysis, settlement strategies, and trial procedures:  former staffers from the United States Supreme Court, the Texas Supreme Court and Fourteenth Court of Appeals, a former attorney for the Department of Justice, two Chambers-listed insurance coverage attorneys, and two attorneys who are double board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.