Trial Strategy and Pre-trial assistance: Even before a case is filed, Roach Newton, LLP can provide valuable strategic assistance. Once litigation has begun, our attorneys’ appellate experience can support trial counsel’s efforts by drafting dispositive motions, preserving arguments for appeal, and preparing jury charges.

Mandamus: In some cases, pre-judgment trial court rulings may be challenged immediately.  Our attorneys are skilled in evaluating the feasibility of such challenges and preparing the petition for writ of mandamus.

Post-Verdict Motions: Roach Newton can help ensure persuasive arguments are presented in post-verdict motions. Our attorneys have successfully had verdicts set aside, obtained new trials, or received a reduction of the amount of damages in a judgment through post-verdict motion practice.

Supersedeas Bonds:  Our attorneys are prepared to advocate for the reduction or waiver of the supersedeas bond requirement where appropriate.

Appeals: Roach Newton’s team is experienced in every aspect of the appellate advocacy process, including preparing briefs and giving oral arguments. We are also experienced is coordinating with larger teams, including additional appellate and/or trial counsel to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Consulting: In other cases, we provide consulting services to appellate counsel during an already pending appeal. These services include oral argument preparation assistance, evaluation of mandamus prospects, and identification of issues for rehearing, for example.

Substantive Areas of In-Depth Knowledge:  Roach Newton’s has significant experience in cases involving fraud, punitive damages, defamation, construction disputes, and indemnity.  Additional information can be found under the Litigation tab of this website.

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