Engaged as Texas coverage counsel by international heavy equipment manufacturer to assist national coverage firm seeking $100m in claims against tower of insurers based on batch clause.

Lead coverage counsel to recover full limits of $100m policy to settle class action liability claims concerning medical implants.

Engaged as national coverage counsel seeking insurance proceeds for manufacturer of medical devices in bet the company class action products liability suit, ultimately obtaining full annual limit of coverage from insurer as part of overall resolution in federal multi district complex litigation.

Engaged as coordinating coverage counsel in connection with death of international oil company executive in commercial jet crash in Europe.

Engaged as coverage counsel to assist trial lawyers in private plane crash litigation regarding insurance under Aviation policies.

Engaged as coverage counsel to assist trial lawyers in claims arising from business aircraft crash involving multiple claimant / multiple defendant suit with multiple insurance policies.

Engaged as coverage counsel by owner of vintage WWII planes regarding property damage claim arising out of ground collision between two covered aircraft.